Posted on Oct 15, 2018


Most persons seeking to purchase a home make the mistake of placing the cart before the horse this
dooming their home buying process to fail. While it is great to keep your options open, it is
recommended that you sort out your mortgage loan with your lender ahead of the home search
process. Getting a mortgage pre-approval allows you work within budget while setting realistic goals as
regards the size of the home, neighborhood, amenities and more. All homes put on sale, even the newly constructed ones may have one problem or the other and as
such, there is the need to hire the services of a home inspector to look into the property to ensure that
it meets the health and safety standards. When buying a home, always choose ones with easy to fix
problems as this will save you from putting your money into a money hole. Consult with League City Real Estate Agents at Ellison Real Estate Team to ensure you get the home of your dreams!,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:16879293253340992160
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